The humble hot dog and its delicious Latin makeover

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by Betty Cortina 10:40 am on 10/26/2012 Video by: Ignacio Torres In New York, putting anything other than mustard, onions and sauerkraut on a hot dog can get you into a brawl. (Mentioning ketchup might actually  get you punched!) In the South, a thick and hearty chili is the not-so-genteel topping of choice. In Chicago, it’s a decidedly more complicated affair, with mustard, fresh tomatoes,Read More

Anthony Bourdain opta por “perros” Colombianos!

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Es un secreto a voces que Anthony Bourdain, el famoso chef de televisión que viaja el mundo entero degustando comidas, estuvo en Miami para filmar su nuevo programa del canal de viajes:Travel Channel, 24-Hour Layover. El lugar preciso de las filmaciones se mantuvo en secreto para evitar la conmoción, pero como todo en Miami se averigua... pronto salió a relucir que el famoso BourdainRead More

Chef on the Small Screen – Anthony Bourdain Drives a Red Corvette, Eats Colombianos

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Though it might be no secret that Anthony Bourdain is in Miami to shoot his new Travel Channel show, 24-Hour Layover, the production crew wanted the exact shooting locations to remain a secret. Unfortunately, Eater scooped the location of last night's dinner shoot, which was to be De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean. Bourdain tweeted on his official NoReservations Twitter account: "the publicity hasRead More

Lonely Planet review for La Perrada de Edgar

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Back in the day, Colombia’s most famous in Miami was cocaine. But seriously, what’s powder got on La Perrada and its kookily delicious hot dogs that were devised by some Dr Evil of the frankfurter world. Don’t believe us? Try an especial, topped with plums, pineapple and whipped cream. How about shrimp and potato sticks? Apparently, these are normal hot-dog toppings in Colombia. ReadRead More

La Perrada de Edgar(

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Scene: A distraught man is sitting in a psychiatrist's office. Doctor: Sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog. Patient: No, you don't understand. It isn't just that this hot dog is Colombian-style, which means fatter and juicier than those little wieners they hand out at those cruddy chains. And it isn't that La Perrada's dogs are addictive, nestled in those fresh, plush buns. It's the toppings,Read More