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 less than $5 
 time I saw a Colombian hot dog with chips on top, i was amazed at 
 La Perrada de Edgar features hot dogs that make their stateside counterparts look like mere 
 You will never see a hot dog the same way after these 
La Perrada de Edgar the best hot dogs in Miami Beach a original combination made the best hot dogs,shrimp and crab meat or the special with plum strawberries apricot and chantilly or our colombian ceviche.
Miami Beach, FL
“Saw this place on TV show with Anthony Bourdane (sp?) and was excited to try it. I have to say it was an experience. Its hotdogs- covered in strange toppings. Worth a try.”

Laura S.
Houston, TX
“In from out of town looking for a place for a quick bite to eat.  Saw this place on Anthony Bourdain’s show and thought why not?  The place is on N. Miami Beach, which has available parking meter spaces on the streets.

The owner was serving up the dog and very friendly.  Like the other yelpers mentioned, there’s a flatscreen TV playing the Anthony Bourdain’s show on a continuously.  The place was clean and easy to find.  Order the Columbian dog and it was good.  Wanted a soda but only had Columbian soda.  Now, the Columbian soda is my favorite than my Mexican Coca Cola.  It wasn’t too sweet or gasy.  ”

Eduardo O.
Miami Beach, FL
“It’s a must when in this side of North Miami Beach. Great Colombian perros of all kinds, and I mean “of ALL kinds”. They also do have other menu items like ceviche, arepas, etc. Service could be slow, and be ready for an overdose of Anthony Bourdain’s episode of that Miami layover when he visited…”

Stuart S.
Hollywood, FL
“Like many people, I first heard about this place on Anthony Bourdain’s show.  The moment you walk in the door you realize how proud they are of that fact.  There are numerous posters hanging with Anthony Bourdain visiting the shop.  On top of that they even have a television that runs a continuous loop of just the segment from the hour episode in which Bourdain was here.  But hey, that’s fine with me.  I enjoy Bourdain’s books and shows and I always try to visit places he has recommended…”


Alicia P.
Miami, FL

“I can’t believe I’d never come across this place before. My husband and I were actually watching The Layover and made note of the hot dog joint at the beach. We’ve been there twice now and have had great experiences both times.

We tried the Swiss, the Venezuelan, and our friend tried the Mexican. Everyone agreed that one dog was enough but we were all craving a second. Another couple that was with us tried the ceviche (one large helping, about a pound or so) and were pleased with it. But I’d definitely go for the hot dogs.

The only dish we weren’t so crazy about was the “salchipapas”, which really kind of felt like it was missing something. Everything else was great and I can see us going back to try their other menu items.”